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Digital transformation & cloud adoption
can have serious
implications for finance

IT costs now make up an increasing proportion of your total expenditure. Research suggests that on average an organisation’s spending on IT now accounts for between 5-7% of revenue. Digital Transformation is fundamentally changing how your organisation consumes assets and services, moving from traditional CAPEX investments to OPEX based consumption models, we support finance teams during this period of change.

When poor ITAM practice is combined with the rapid acceleration of digital transformation, serious implications for finance can result.  For example, unchecked cloud sprawl and inefficient outsourcer or vendor contracts can quickly send IT costs spiralling. However, it is penalties from non-compliant vendor audits that can have the most damaging financial impacts.


Spiralling IT

Provisioning vs Utilisation:
Unplanned Cloud Costs

No Financial Modelling
of Transformation

Vendors Driving
Unfavourable Contracts

Large & Damaging
Compliancy Penalties

Poor Financial
Controls in IT


finance solutions


No nasty surprises with ITAM best practice

ITAM best practice allows lifecycle information on hardware and software assets to be kept up to date, readily available for operational management and IT financial planning.  Maintaining intelligence on current state by deploying ITAM best practice and regular reviews, allows sound IT financial management, contract management, procurement and IT operations decision making.  Strong ITAM governance is key to defending against any nasty surprises, and allows IT initiatives that drive transformation to be accurately modelled, designed and implemented.

Cost Management:
Predictability & Optimisation

Investment Plans

Optimised Vendor

Outsourcer Performance
Monitored for Value

Assuring Affordable

Minimised Risk
& Compliance


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