Commercial departments needs support of ITAM & SAM best practice and governance


Aligning your IT & Procurement organisations is now critical

Many organisations today are faced with the growing challenge of achieving effective IT cost and risk control, as they transform their infrastructure and services delivery from capital based investment models to subscription services.  Getting the right commercial intelligence is essential in minimising compliance related risk and effectively managing both consumption and costs in the process.

It is important that any organisation effectively manages their asset data and contractual documentation, which often resides in disparate locations. Faced with ever changing IT personnel and ineffective processes and policies, it is common for operations to become uncontrolled and commercial documentation to get misplaced.  The commercial consequences to compliancy, vendor negotiations and long-term IT strategy can be serious and costly.


Inaccurate or Incomplete
Asset Data

Missing Agreements
& Contracts

Audit &
Compliance Issues

Vendor Driven
Strategy & Negotiation

Spiralling IT

Reactive Management
of Outsourcers


Digital & Procurement transformation go hand in hand

With the growing focus on Digital Transformation to new business and infrastructure models, vendors need to be closely managed to ensure commercial interests can be controlled. Transformation amplifies the need for procurement planning & modelling, pro-active budget & supplier management. Derive Logic can provide you with the expertise, business intelligence & managed outcomes that assure your IT Digital Roadmap and commercial transformation.

Procurement Aligned
to Strategy

Accurate KPI &
Metrics Dashboards

Effective Contractual
& Renewals Management

Vendor & Outsourcer

Cost & Wastage

Compliance &
Reduced Risk