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Today many IT organisations are being challenged by dramatic changes in their operations.  Transformation demanded by organisations is intensifying the rate of change from physical on-premise assets, to complex hybrid models using cloud-based subscription services, outsourcing and IoT devices. The proliferation of XaaS offerings and the ease by which they can be procured and consumed outside of IT control increases the need to take control, transform and deliver a future Target Operating Mode (TOM) with stronger business and finance engagement.  We can help.


Organisational Challenges 

Business Imperatives

Struggling to deal with mergers, acquisition & divestitures, or organisational restructuring to deal with economic uncertainty from factors like Brexit?  We can help lead & manage the resulting digital transformation.

Operational Priorities

IT must balance the delivery of critical transformational projects demanded by leadership, whilst ensuring business as usual activities keep operations productive and efficient.  Ensuring both are resourced is key.

Compliance & Regulation

During complex transformation projects it is critical that organisations remain compliant, as vendor licensing and regulation like GDPR carry substantial reputational and financial risks that must be managed carefully.

Financial Constraints

The age-old challenge of managing spiralling costs & budget constraint, is being compounded by the rapid shift from predictable CAPEX investment to OPEX subscription services. Strong leadership & management is needed.


Our Approach

The potential financial, regulatory and reputational risks & liabilities faced by many organisations are staggering.  The challenge for many clients is having the expertise to know where and how to start on an IT transformation journey, then to deliver a future and robust operating model.  Challenges facing many clients is knowing what information should inform the transformation, including:

  • Strategic objectives & defined business capabilities
  • Service strategy aligned to a clear vendor strategy & relationship management
  • Up to date Management Information (MI) across the enterprise
  • Finally, understanding current asset related risk & liability.

We support clients by operating on a pre-determined frequency using one of our assisted or managed service offerings, to ensure Technical, Commercial and Operational adherence to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) designed as part of your target operating model.


Transformational Leadership

Transformation is a continuum, it is the new business as usual.  Our transformation expertise helps clients at various stages of their transformational journey, we ensure they achieve their strategy and target operating model.  We take a pragmatic approach and using unique diagnostic tools and methodologies, we can either design and manage the end-to-end transformation journey for them or simply assist at a particular stage in their journeyPLAN – TRANSFORM – OPERATE wherever they might need support and expertise.



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