Selecting the right ITAM tool is key to delivering effective IT governance.  To achieve tangible business value these tools need to be professionally deployed, configured and integrated into other businesses systems.  However this is still only half the story, these tools and the asset data that feeds them need to be regularly checked and maintained to ensure the intelligence they produce is complete, accurate and up-to-date to support management decision making.




We can ensure your ITAM tooling provides a comprehensive and accurate licensing position for your IT vendors, so you can identify and mitigate risks before vendor audits occur to avoid penalties.


Having a comprehensive view of software entitlements and utilisation could enable you to rationalise or re-harvest existing licensing, saving you from significant expenditure and new investments.


As you digitally transform its critical to manage and control the assets in your estate wherever they reside, whether that be on-premise, in the cloud or managed by third party outsourcers.


New IT security vulnerabilities are identified on a daily basis, having up-to-date asset data is critical in responding quickly to mitigate the substantial risks and consequences to your organisation.


Our Approach

Tooling Lifecycle


ITAM tooling can potentially save organisations millions of pounds in wasted investments, mitigate damaging business risk and enable new security vulnerabilities to be quickly dealt with.  They can also provide an effective defence against an ever increasing number of vendor audits and associated financial penalties, which have a major impact on organisations profitability and performance.   We partner with clients to help keep them compliant, optimised, agile and secure.

If you don’t already have a tooling platform in place we can provide independent advise on which tool best suit your organisation, its assets and objectives, even providing hosted options that will minimise your up-front investment.  Alternatively, if you have a platform in place that isn’t providing the expected returns, hasn’t been configured and integrated correctly we can help.  A frequently overlooked, but critical aspect of any tooling implementation is the definition of robust supporting process and policies, we help organisation develop and design these to provide effective governance and control over their asset estate.


Our Services

We can support your ITAM tooling throughout its entire lifecycle,  managing your chosen platform for you to ensure it continues to perform optimally and meet your evolving needs.

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