Service Provider ITAM & SAM services and solutions from Derive Logic


For cloud and service providers compliance, cost and transformation management have become critically important.  To achieve this, Derive Logic provides these organisations with effective Target Operating Models that align people, process and technology, as well as access to complete and accurate management information.  We also provide visibility and control of their licensing and usage, contract and vendor management, as well as tooling services that keep them compliant, optimised, agile and secure.



We help Cloud & Service Providers remain compliant with key software publishers throughout the lifecycle of their contracts.


Our managed services support Cloud & Service Providers, keeping their client environments running in optional states.


Our expertise & approach supports real transformation and provides a solid foundation of governance.


Our asset intelligence enables cloud and service providers to respond quickly to threats against specific asset vulnerabilities.

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Our range cloud and data centre licensing services are utilised by European and North American Service Providers to mitigate related business risk and cost.  Our managed and transformational services then ensure their operations continue to remain compliant and optimised.

Licensing use
rights audits

Platform development
& integration

Asset & licensing

Vendor compliance
& royalty reporting
(e.g. Microsoft SPLA)

Internal asset
& licence reporting


Governance –
compliance by design

Service Provider
Managed Services


Service Provider IT