Outsourcing ITAM and SAM professional, managed and transformational services


Increasingly ITAM functions are being outsourced by organisations as part of larger contracts, however to remain compliant, optimised, agile and secure it is critical that these organisations maintain clear visibility of their assets.   It is also important that they monitor their partner’s performance in fulfilling all of their ITAM service obligations, failure to do so could ultimately lead to substantial reputational and financial damage.



We help the outsourcer partners and their clients to remain compliant throughout the lifecycle of their contracts.


Our managed services support outsourcing partners, keeping their client environments running in optional states.


We provide outsource partners & their clients with the visibility & expertise that assures successful digital transformation.


Our asset intelligence enables outsources & their clients to respond quickly to threats against specific asset vulnerabilities.


Outsourcing Engagements

Client Organisations

To remain compliant and optimised client organisations must maintain asset visibility across even the most complex outsourced estates, it is critical that compliancy and associated risks be proactively managed in outsourcing models.

We support clients by helping them to improve their contract management across multiple partners, suppliers and service providers.  Our performance monitoring services provide vital intelligence on how well these estates are being managed, even if management has been moved off-shore by the outsourcer.

During digital transformation we work with the client and the partner to identify key ITAM dependencies, issues and related risks, to assuring the successful delivery of these projects.

Global Outsourcers

We provide several global outsourcers with local ITAM resources that supplement their existing internal capability, this enables them to deliver a fully capable ITAM function to clients, fulfilling all their ITAM service obligations as outlined in their client contracts.

We work closely with these organisations to identify significant licensing risks in the key clients, allowing time for risks to be managed and mitigated prior to a vendor audit.  We also help mitigate potentially damaging risks during client on-boarding and contract entry, and also during contract exit.

We also architect ITAM Target Operating Models (TOMs) for our outsourcing partners, improving operational practices and service components to deliver effective ITAM – including people, process and technology throughout the contract lifecycle.

Outsourcing Related Services


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