On-premise ITAM and SAM professional, managed and transformational services


Our on-premise services and solutions enable our clients to achieve effective governance over the software & hardware assets in their physical estate.  Clients use our intelligence to avoid unnecessary cost & financial penalties, whilst optimising their IT investments & managing their risk, compliance & performance.  From strategic reviews & assessments that identify serious issues and risk, to a complete range of managed services, our on-premise services keep your business compliant, optimised, agile & secure.




The number of vendors auditing and their frequency are increasing all the time.  We work with clients to ensure they understand their licensing position and mitigate identified risk, either managed proactively as a service or in response to a specific audit notification.


Organisations often pay for licensing they are not fully utilising, or have inefficient contracts & agreements in place.  We can review a client’s operations offering advice on license & cost optimisation, for both business as usual deployments or for specific projects.


Before migrating software and services to the cloud, organisations must understand their current licensing terms and conditions.  We can review your estate & plans for your future state, to advise on the best approach.  This mitigates potentially serious risks & liabilities.


Recent security attacks have exploited serious vulnerabilities in specific assets, some organisations were slow to respond, with the greatest reputational and financial damage among those with inadequate ITAM practices.  We give you visibility to react quickly.


Our Approach

On-premise ITAM and SAM professional, managed and transformational services

CIOs, IT Directors and FDs have been working hard to manage their IT costs, whilst at the same time, delivering business efficiencies through digital transformation.  However, a wider range of vendors are now increasingly exercising their rights to audit their clients and true-up, with organisations are frequently reporting that they have been audited over the last 18-24 months.  Audit penalties and true-up costs can run into the tens of millions of pounds for large enterprise clients, even for smaller organisations multi-million-pound liabilities are common place.

At the same time, managing software assets has become an increasingly difficult challenge due to the growing complexity of software licensing agreements and digital transformation. This can be compounded by an inability to fully centralise and control software purchases, and the migration to subscription services in the cloud, outsourced agreements and the adoption of IoT technology.  Increasing merger, acquisition and divestment activity, only intensifies this challenge.

Most companies want to be compliant with their software licence agreements, but don’t have the expertise or relevant tools to do so. Derive Logic provides a full range of SAM lifecycle services to meet the challenge of controlling and optimising on-going software costs, mitigating compliance risks, whilst providing comprehensive governance during transformation.


Our Services

Our ITAM and SAM professional and managed services provide organisations with peace of mind, providing visibility and control over their on-premise assets.  Our services include…

Licensing Positions,
Strategic Reviews & Baselines

Maturity Assessments

Audit Support


Policy & Process

Cloud Readiness

Managed Services



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