Managed Services - helping organisations gain control and assuring digital transformation


Our Managed Services ensure an organisation’s assets remain compliant, optimised, agile and secure, which can be a time consuming and resource hungry challenge.  Faced with increasing pressure to deliver digital transformation projects organisations are having to prioritise, we are here to help.  Our Managed Services are designed to work seamlessly with our client’s operations, from delivery of business as usual tasks to outsourcing of ITAM and functional responsibility.



Your IoT, desktop & data centre environments are complex & continually evolving, faced with an increasing number of vendor audits we can help maintain your compliance.


 It’s possible that you have unused licensing that could be re-harvested or is unnecessary, or contracts & with unattractive commercial terms.  Why pay for what you don’t use, we can keep your operations optimised.


It is imperative to understand the terms in licensing agreements before migrating to the cloud, we provide visibility & control that keeps you agile during digital transformation.


 To respond quickly to attacks that exploit existing asset vulnerabilities, you must maintain clear visibility of your IT assets.  You can only secure what you can see, we can help.


Our Managed Services

We offer a complete range of Managed Services that meet the needs of our clients, whatever their level of ITAM maturity.  Our foundation services provide regular compliance, risk & optimisation reporting, whilst our administration and knowledge support, expert and functional outsource services can be tailored to exact requirements.  Our services include the following areas…


Compliance, Risk
& Optimisation Reporting

Entitlement &
Inventory Management



Contract Lifecycle

Cloud Monitoring
& Management

SAM & Licensing
Service Desk



Managed Services