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According to recent research global adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has only recently reached 30%, so IoT remains relatively immature in terms of its lifecycle and mass adoption.  However, it is well documented that current adoption rates will mean billions of new integrated devices being deployed in the coming years.  Every organisation must ensure they understand technology dependencies and related commercial risks before this transformation begins, also that these risks are carefully managed as they scale adoption of devices & related applications.



IoT technologies such as remote monitoring or video capture devices often rely on 3rd party databases and software, these dependencies (or indirect usage) must be defined and licensing risk assessed and mitigated early.


With rapid adoption of IoT technology, it is essential that devices, licensing and related vendor agreements are continually managed.  This will ensure your estate is kept in an optimal state, only paying for what you use.


It is imperative to understand the terms in licensing agreements before implementing IoT technologies and migrating related applications and databases to the cloud, we provide visibility & control that keeps you agile.


Organisations must understand where their data resides and be able to respond quickly to identified threats focused on specific asset vulnerabilities.  You can only secure what you can see, we can provide this asset visibility.

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We can support you every step of the way on your digital transformation journey.  Our professional and managed services provide organisations with peace of mind, providing invaluable insight into their IoT estate and licensing dependencies.  Providing the governance that puts them firmly in control.


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