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ITAM Transformation – are you overcoming the challenges?

by Chris Lewis | July, 2018 | Transformation Leadership

In this short blog, we will provide an overview the following…

  • Highlight the challenges and risks associated with transformation
  • Discuss the increasing need for a new target operating model
  • Define how Commercial, Technical and Business considerations need to be managed.

Complexity & engagement

IT organisations are increasingly challenged by the dramatic change from managing physical on-premise assets, to more complex models based on cloud subscription services, outsourcing and IoT devices.  The myriad of agreements, licencing and service options certainly suit vendors rather than the end client, especially when it comes to resource capabilities, budgeting and management.

There are wider implications of this shift, it is no longer just IT’s responsibility to ‘consume and manage’ their assets.  The shift to a hybrid model requires far greater engagement across the functions in an organisation that consume IT services, as well as strict financial management that provides control over this consumption, mitigates related risk and minimises cost.

The dramatic move from traditional CAPEX based planning, to far less predictable OPEX based subscription models now present a day-zero financial threat if not managed carefully across an organisation. With service providers moving to per second billing, things can quickly get out of control and become very costly.   It is a company-wide challenge to stay in control, managing the use and consumption of IT assets, be they hardware, software or service based.


A robust model for transformation is needed

Today CIOs are spending far less time managing IT – the nuts and bolts of the operation – but are now spending up to 80% of their time engaging with the senior business stakeholders and leaders to understand the business demands (e.g. growth, service improvement, M&A etc) being placed upon IT.  CIOs must deliver a service back to the business to match the speed and agility of business decision making and go to market requirements.

It is imperative that IT organisations deliver a future Target Operating Model (TOM), with clear and robust business and finance engagement.  IT must embark on a well planned and executed transformation journey, demonstrating that they have a clear and defined way forward to stay in control of the changing enterprise landscape of IT assets and their consumption.

Business leaders are expecting a very clear plan from their IT leadership, detailing how they will develop, evolve and stay in control of the changing and dynamic business and IT Asset Management landscape.  IT must respond accordingly with confidence and assurity.  They need to be 100% aligned to the demands of the business, foreseeing what was previously unforeseen with capacity and capability to flex within a financial envelope.


Plan, Transform & Operate

We support organisations in the public and private sectors throughout their transformation journeys, defining TOMs that help them Plan, Transform and Operate during their change programmes, managing the important Commercial, Technical and Operational facets of their businesses.  These three facets must be assessed, designed and transformed to successfully deliver change, enabling IT organisations to effectively take control and provide future services to their respective businesses. 

So, if you’re trying to prepare and get started on an ITAM transformation programme, or need additional support successfully delivering an existing project, why not contact us.  We have some great experience here at Derive Logic to support you wherever you are in your journey, so we’d like to talk to you, to share our experiences with you.


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