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Client: UK Charity


The Challenge: IT Asset Management Transformation

  • A UK wide organisation exiting a complex and highly publicised IT transformation programme, delivering many new ‘digital’ capabilities and services
  • Transformation wasn’t seen as a ‘continuous change’ delivery programme
  • IT (Software) assets were poorly tracked and managed – immature IT Assess Management processes and under-utilised management tools in their hybrid infrastructure model
  • No established governance model between delivery Programme Management Office (PMO) and Business as Usual (BAU) operations
  • Software assets and their ‘current state’ soon became an ‘unknown state’
  • Significant commercial liability and contractual exposure with vendors became apparent.


 Our Solution

  • Immediate discovery phase – reviewing commercial, operational & technical facets:
    • A ‘rapid’ baseline of assets, licensing position & contractual exposure
    • An assessment of end-to-end project delivery & asset management processes
    • An evaluation of current asset management tools, their effectiveness & usage
  • Identification & implementation of quick wins (e.g. mitigate immediate ‘high value’ risks)
  • Defined a Target Operating Model (TOM) to optimise commercial, operational & technical facets going forward
  • Designed & delivered a governance model between the PMO and BAU, establishing constant feedback loop & reporting
  • A combined client and Derive Logic delivery transformation team, ensuring skills & knowledge transfer to the client
  • A ‘light touch’ managed service, ensuring continuous governance and software compliance.


Real Outcomes

  • Optimisation of IT assets & use of existing management tools
  • Up-skilling client personal to take true ownership of the TOM
  • Continuous compliance & known ‘current state’ of assets
  • Asset risks mitigated to a value of >£1.5M in year one alone
  • ITAM governance & best practice model implemented across PMO & BAU operations.


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