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Client:  Six Public Sector Organisations


The Challenge:  New Investment Right-sizing

  • Organisations agreed to put in place a shared service model to reduce IT costs and investment
  • Recognised a need for shared services around ERP platform
  • Complex legacy environments with an array of contracts and license metrics
  • Wanted to understand what licensing assets they owned individually and what could be transferred into the shared services model.


Our Solution

  • Engage with project stakeholders to understand project objectives and to perform information gathering
  • Collated relevant proof of entitlement for each entity
  • Analysed existing software assets use and ownership for each entity
  • Modelled licensing requirement for the “to be” environment
  • Provided advice and evidence to organisations during negotiation with Vendor.


Real Outcomes

  • Each organisation submitted a successful business case to their respective Boards supported by accurate financial information
  • Negotiation with vendor removed duplicated license costs in the shared service model.
  • Collectively saving of over £700,000.


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