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Client: International Law Firm


The Challenge:  Client needed to optimise their estate

  • An IT efficiency program had been commenced to drive down costs
  • Requirement to ensure corporate integrity in all areas of IT operation
  • Existing SAM program had made limited progress
  • Correct licensing was highlighted on compliance list
  • Necessity to identify and control risks moving forward.

Our Solution

  • Re-architected the approach to SAM
  • Integrated additional data sources into SAM platform
  • Took over management of the SAM programme
  • Produced meaningful compliance and software usage data from SAM system
  • Introduced a management reporting and recommendations structure
  • Analysed technical data and converted to business information
  • Undertook vendor audit analysis work
  • Analysed vendor’s own audits, identified and highlighted errors.

Real Outcomes

  • Business decisions were based on accurate information
  • Consolidation of existing software vendor portfolio by 15%
  • Compliance risk reduced by £900,000
  • Saved money on existing support contract by identifying products no longer in use.

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