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Client: North American technology business implements effective IT governance & management systems


The Challenge: A decentralised approach to IT asset management

The scale of the client’s operations meant it has a vast and complex IT estate, responsibility for hardware and software assets lay with individual business divisions around the world. The organisation was experiencing both over and underutilisation as key processes and policies were ineffective or not being followed, costing the company money and raising business risks unnecessarily. The client’s estate included…

  • More than hundred sites in countries around the world
  • Over 29,000 desktops/laptops, +10,000 servers & over 10,000 applications
  • 311 databases & 6,000 networking components.

A lack of effective end-to-end IT asset management and governance, lead to a poor understanding and control of the assets in the organisations estate lead to unnecessary capital expenditure and a lack of accountability.


Our Solution:

The client Implemented a global project to unify the control of its IT assets in North America, followed by EMEA, Latin America and finally the Asia Pacific region.  The solution reduces risk by simplifying license compliance management…

  • Chosen solution included CA IT Asset Manager (CA ITAM), CA Service Desk Manager including its configuration management database (CMDB).
  • The client needed to ensure its standardized processes could be applied on a global basis, once they understood existing processes and aligned these to a new framework
  • Consolidation and cleansing of source data, which included multiple departmental and regional spreadsheets, purchasing data from major IT vendors and discovery data, to create a baseline
  • Today, this asset directory consists of over 140,000 devices, including desktops, servers, enterprise storage, network equipment, software and peripherals, and is continually
  • being updated as the company’s IT estate evolves.


Real Outcomes:

Managing assets throughout the lifecycle has led to significant cost-avoidance and savings of over $23m, effective governance of its global IT assets improved budget forecasting and simplified IT support operations.  Other benefits included…

  • Automated and streamlined IT asset management processes simplified change management, reducing risk and simplifying IT support
  • Managing asset redeployment meant that over 15,000 assets were reallocated rather than procured unnecessarily
  • Improved visibility of vendor terms and conditions for different assets lead to a right-sizing of maintenance contracts and support agreements based on business and user needs
  • Better budgeting through greater transparency of warranty and licensing expiration dates
  • Elimination of under and over-utilisation of software licenses reduced risk of vendor audits
  • Simplified asset transferal during subsequent acquisitions and divestitures
  • Elimination of more than 48 tons of electronic waste.


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