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Client: North American financial services giant now manages IT assets though intelligence & automation


The Challenge:  Limited visibility of IT Assets

Time consuming manual inventory processes meant the client lacked clear visibility of over 6,000 hardware and many thousands more software assets.  This Financial Services company was at risk of non-compliance with software licenses and over-spending on unnecessary assets.

  • Multiple asset data sources
  • Rapidly changing and evolving IT estate
  • Never ending asset reconciliations drained resources
  • Limited visibility of entitlements
  • Real risks due to over licensing, budget wastage & non-compliance.


Our Solution

The client chose to engage Derive Logic to implement a CA solution that discovers and tracks its hardware and software assets.  The solution provides a comprehensive inventory with automated alerts and self-service capabilities.  Today the client…

  • Has a software compliance team that meets bi-annually to review all software installed in its estate
  • Managed software with vulnerabilities and software end-of-life team
  • Has streamlined software requisition processes that simplify software redeployment
  • Has improved process for re-installing software during reimaging processes
  • Actively removes non-standard software from estate with a controlled process.


Real Outcomes

The client has simplified how it procures, tracks and manages assets.  It now saves significant time each year by more effectively managing the assets. With better visibility, it can safeguard compliance, maximise asset reuse and reduce licensing costs.  The client has been able to…

  • Identify previously unknown assets, enhancing security
  • Simplify and accelerate procurement processes, improving efficiency
  • Increase asset reuse and harvesting, saving costs for reinvestment in strategic projects
  • Reduce the risk of software audits, non-compliance and financial penalties.


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