Our audit defence and support services and solutions enable our clients to achieve effective IT governance, assure digital transformation, manage their risk, compliance and performance. Our clients use our intelligence to avoid unnecessary costs and financial penalties, whilst optimising their IT investments.


Client:  International Business Services


The Challenge – Audit Threat

  • Major internal changes had taken place as part of on-going transformation
  • Part of the business had been divested
  • Key staff with detailed knowledge of the data centre environment had left the business
  • Lack of audit trail on the software that had been purchased
  • License contracts were not centrally managed
  • Lack of internal skill within client organisation.

Our Solution

  • Collected all licensing entitlement contracts
  • Audited the complete data centre software environment
  • Captured license usage and how they were being used
  • Mapped license use against the licensing entitlement contracts
  • Created a capacity plan that allowed the customer to see how they were using software
  • Produced recommendation report on how this client could mitigate non-compliance
  • Recommended a more efficient use of software
  • Provided advice and guidance during the vendor audit
  • Provided an on-going license Managed Service to ensure client remains compliant & optimised.

Real Outcomes

  • Nearly all of compliance risk had been negated
  • Client saved approaching £500,000 on non-complaint fines & software purchases
  • Disruption from vendor audit was dramatically reduced
  • Ongoing managed service provides customer with peace of mind.


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