Assuring Digital Transformation - Transform

  • Transform the threat from Software Audits
  • What is my financial exposure?
    How do I know what is being used?
    Who will help me to manage the vendor?
    What internal resources do I need?
    As I transform my IT, how disruptive will this be?
  • Right-Sizing My Existing Software Investment
  • Am I getting best value as I transform?
    Is what I have fit for purpose?
    How do I rationalise my software costs?
    Are we re-using our licences effectively?
    How do I keep on top of compliance?
  • Right-Sizing My New IT Investment
  • No one is thinking about licensing costs?
    Is the solution over-engineered for our needs?
    What are my on-going financial risks?
    What type of agreement works best for me?
    How do I get an independent view?

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